BDSL Announces New Cup Format

2022 will see a change to our Cup Tournaments

BDSL Announces New Cup Format

We're happy to announce that we'll now have 3 Cup tournaments for 2022 and beyond.

Tehel Cup - Premier & Championship

Wood Cup - D1 & D2

Matthews Cup (after our late friend Sir Ian) - D3 & D4

Teams can still request to play up a Cup if they wish but we can accept only 22 or 24 teams per tournament. Cups will no longer be NCAA tourney style brackets.

All 3 BDSL Cups will move to a Group Stage opening round format. We will draw 7 or 8 groups of 3 teams each within the pool of teams. Teams will then all play 1 game against each other with their group. Winner of each group will advance to the round of 8 (quarterfinals). After the Group Stage we'll host draws for the quarter and semi final rounds which will be single elimination until we have our finalists.

Group stage games will have a 3-2-1 point system. 3 points for a regulation win. 2 points for a PK win. 1 point for PK loss. All Group Stage games that end tied will immediately go to PK's. The remaining tie breakers will be GD5, GA, PK GA.

This new format is one we've wanted to implement and now feel the time is right to do so. This adds one extra guaranteed game to team's summer slate and smooths the playing field across the divisions for teams in the tournaments.

We'll draw the Groups in person at Sportsplex in Tonawanda. Hopefully we'll also stream the draw as well for those not attending to watch.