3rd Divsion Preview & Predictions

Your season primer on the 3rd division campaign for this season

3rd Divsion Preview & Predictions


DISCLAIMER:We’re back! I’m back. It’s all back. It’s really just great again to be able to post these for you all. While I am league president, I want to be as open and honest in these as I can. So with all that said lets you the readers and myself the writer make a quick deal that nothing I say in this or any preview is personal. Just my thoughts about the teams, the divisions, mixed with some bad jokes and poor grammar/spelling. Deal? Either way too bad. 


3rd Division Overview:

This is the last year for D3 to be the bottom ladder of the BDSL pyramid.  Well sorry it's only really a matter of name only. Next year they’ll still be the lowest division but just named something dumb, like Super Division or something. So for two lucky teams they can get out now before things to be a taller ask to the top. 2019 was crazy with such a competitive group. I think it might be a touch different this go around in 2021 though. Let’s get to it.


3rd Division Burning Questions:


What’s the deal? It’s been two years. We don’t know anything about these teams anymore. 

Well that’s an abrasive start. 


Shut up and tell us who's the favorite.

Well there isn’t just one but two clubs fighting for supremacy a top D3 in Meerkats FC and Junior Willies. Both of these sides have former premier talent sitting within their ranks in addition to a healthy collection of players who are a step above the rest of the talent pool here. I think if i had to choose between the two sides I’d give a slight edge to Junior Willies. 


How far away from these two teams is the rest of the pack?

Honestly not that far off. I think the remaining playoff teams from 2019 are still in position to reclaim spots and challenge the aforementioned preseason leaders. We’re talking your Bangarang FC’s your Big Greens here. They are joined by a collection of new teams that while new in name certainly have BDSL experience here like Buffalo Cosmos and Infinity FC. Similar to 2019 the midfield race here will be very interesting and exciting to follow in D3. 


Which team do you feel least confident in making a prediction on?

It's probably the new Hamburg Monarchs club. This group of players is mostly knew to the league and have mainly played a lot of JSL together before graduating here to the senior circuit. So while they’ll definitely have youth and familiarity within the group on their side, they are for the most part a rookie team here in BDSL. This will be an interesting litmus test to see just how a team like this can transition to BDSL play. They could finish first to last and I wouldn’t bat an eye. 


Any good under the radar club? 

In a weird way I want to say Cetlic Classic. At this point there is no secret about these guys, their style of play and their abilities on the field. But looking back to ‘19 this was a club that barely missed the playoffs and it’s easy to forget that. Coming into the ‘21 campaign in my view they’ve made some good additions (Tredo & Andrews for example) to put them in a position to get back into the postseason and surprise some.


Is this the year Rust Belt United climbs out of the cellar?

Possible. The two remaining teams we haven’t touched on just yet each might have a shot at it. South Buffalo is the less likely of the two. I think they honestly might have one of the best keepers in the division in Ryan Gall. They might need that too. But I think they’ll have enough to keep themselves out of the basement. Lazio United FC though has me pretty perplexed. They sorta seem to be all over the place. I have serious concerns over how cohesive this unit will be especially early on. And in the short season that is BDSL that could spell trouble. That said Rust Belt last year was only 4 points out of a playoff spot despite being in last so while I think these might be the three bottom clubs it’s not to say they won’t be competitive. 


Favorite, Contenders, & Pretenders:


Favorite: Junior Willies


Contenders: Meerkats FC, Bangarang FC, Big Green SC Hamburg Monarchs SC


Pretenders: Celtic Classic, Buffalo Cosmos, Infinity FC, Rust Belt United, South Buffalo FC, Lazio United FC



Third Division Table:


1) Junior Willies

2) Meerkats FC

3) Bangarang FC

4) Big Green SC

5) Buffalo Cosmos

6) Hamburg Monarchs SC

7) Celtic Classic

8) Infinity SC

9) South Buffalo FC

10) Lazio United FC

11) Rust Belt United


6) Hamburg Monarchs SC over 3) Bangarang FC

5) Buffalo Cosmos over 4) Big Green SC


1) Junior Willies  over 6) Hamburg Monarchs SC

2) Meerkats FC over 5) Buffalo Cosmos


1) Junior Willies over 2) Meerkats FC