As the Spheroid Bounces Ep. #1

Michael Schieber and Brian Rademaker go over the first month the BDSL season. Please ignore the stuttering

As the Spheroid Bounces Ep. #1

Hey everyone. I've really wanted to attempt this so we're giving it a try here. If you all hate it thats OK. I really enjoyed making it. While I'm in sales now my first love and what I went to school for was media production so this was a lot of fun for me to visit that side. 

Anyways  huge thanks to Brian Rademaker our treasurer for joining me. We talked about everything we could for this first one.

Open to thoughts and ideas from you all on how to improve it as well as best ways to hear it. For now It's availabe at the link here via Sound Cloud.  Thanks again for putting up with my ideas.

BDSL Podcast Ep #1