As The Spheroid Bounces Ep. #3

Mike and Brian give a full breakdown how the playoff picture will shake out along with relegation fights as well. Cup talk for both Wood and Tehel Cup lead things off.

As The Spheroid Bounces Ep. #3

As The Spheroid Bounces Podcast is back with all the playoff races covered across all BDSL divisions. Mike and Brian pick the winners of each. Not to be left out they also give their takes on who might be hitting the drop zone as well. The cast opens with a look at the final 4 teams in each Cup tournament and they also through in so surprises from the regular season, good but mostly bad, for good measure.

As the Spheroid Bounces Ep. #3

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Cup Coverage: Start-13:00

D3 Playoff Races: 13:00-24:00

D1 Playoff/Relegation: 24:00-43:00

D2 Playoff/Relegation: 43:00 - 54:00

Championship Playoff/Relegation: 54:00 - 1:03:00

Premier Playoff/Relegation: 1:03:00-End