Manager Interview Series: Delco Academy

Manager Interview: Delco Academy

Today marks the last manager interview of the 2017 season. We close it out this year with new D2 side Delco Academy. We talkabout about his new team, first BDSL impressions, and goals for 2017. Thanks to their manager Joe for taking the time.

Hope you all enjoyed the interviews this year. Look for previews coming out next week. 

Manager Interview: Delco Academy

Today marks the last manager interview of the 2017 season. We close it out this year with new D2 side Delco Academy. We talkabout about his new team, first BDSL impressions, and goals for 2017. Thanks to their manager Joe for taking the time.


BDSL: Welcome to the BDSL! Tell us about yourself and have Delco Academy came to be.

DELCO:  My name is Joe Machnica. I'm 22 and I work at Key Bank. I've been playing soccer my whole life. I'm not the best player out there, but just a huge fan of the game in general. I've played in this league a couple years with RVS United and I realized how serious and well respected the league is. I really wanted to round up a group of my friends and make my own team. Fortunately I was able to get enough heads and we were able to form Delco Academy. We pretty much decided to join the day of the first meeting so that worked out well considering the amount of interest this year. I chose the team name at the registration desk because we weren't able to agree on one. Somehow it earned 2nd best team name for new squads so that was a pleasant surprise. The league has a lot going for it, especially the twitter presence. The team is looking forward to the summer and we're very grateful to be part of the league.


BDSL: So will this side be a collection of players with BDSL experience or will we bee seeing allot of first time BDSLers on your side?

DELCO: Our team is comprised of mostly guys who haven't been in the league yet. I think we have maybe 5-7 guys who have BDSL experience. I've played with a lot of my guys in school and travel / winter leagues, but I don't think they realize that this league will be better in every aspect. Ideally I'd like for them to all love the season and want to come back next year.


BDSL: When you say that this is better, what do mean exactly?

DELCO: I think the organization of the league is very appealing. For as many teams as you have I am impressed on how well you are able to accommodate every teams scheduling. Especially considering the number of refs that are available. It's awesome to see so many teams and people getting involved on twitter too. I think that says a lot about the league to have so much participation both on and off the pitch. You guys have someone who made a BDSLGIFS Twitter. I think that says it all.



BDSL: I'd agree that it has certainly helped the interest in the league. Wait to till season starts and teams really dive in. Lets go back to your roster. So with this being a side with little league experience what sort of goals do you have in might for your side? Are you managing expectations in Year 1 or is go for it from the start?

DELCO: It's really hard to say. I know what my team has talent wise, but I'm not sure how strong our opponents will be. I remember the quality of play when I was with RVS in Division 1 and if I compare it to that I think we will be in good shape. I'm not going make any bold predictions though because that'll come back to haunt me. Let's just say I'd be disappointed if we finish on the lower half of the table.


BDSL: Style wise what sort of soccer could we expect from Delco? Are you a build from the back end or attack based?

DELCO: I'd have to say we are going to be stronger defensively. We have 2 real speedy guys up top who will help our offense greatly, but just looking at my roster I see a lot more promise on the defensive side of things. However, this will be the first time this group of guys play together so anything can happen. Since I'm comfortable with my defense as of now, I'd like to concentrate on the offense a little more and get them clicking ASAP.


BDSL: Have you guys tried to prepare at all this winter? Maybe taken part in any of the indoor sessions at Sportsplex, Epic or Sahlens? Or will it be learning on the fly in your first few games?

DELCO: Right now we have a team at Sahlens that plays Thursday nights. We are doing well, but I don't think it is a fair representation of what we can expect for outdoors. The current indoor team consists of only half of what the BDSL team will be made of. We are going to both lose and gain players in the summer. We're also trying to get a scrimmage organized for this weekend. If that works out then that will be our true BDSL squad. I think that will give us a more accurate outlook on what I can expect chemistry and talent wise for the summer.


BDSL: Well designed plans to be sure. More and more teams are taking this same proactive approach. What would be a bigger prize for your side this year? Winning promotion, or winning the Wood Cup?

DELCO: Well ideally we win both. But if I had to choose I would say winning promotion. Winning Wood Cup would be awesome but I think it's more important to play at the highest level possible. If we finish mid table this year then I think this Division is where we'd belong. I would have a different answer if you asked me the same question next season.


BDSL: I think most teams in D2 would feel the same as you. If you could choose another BDSL team to play for or a side you'd want to model your team after who would you choose and why?

DELCO: There's nobody I'd rather play for than Academy, but if I had to model our style after another team I would have to lean towards Aliens. What they've done in the Over 35 division is nothing short of heroic. They've won their division 2 years running. They have a vice grip on all the other squads down there. I really respect the winning mentality that all those players have. I'm not sure if they recruit winners or if they create them. Either way that is the style I want to see this summer from my guys. If playing like them means we can be as dominate as they have then that's a playing style I want to adopt.


BDSL: That’s maybe the greatest answer I've ever gotten in any of the interviews I've done. What would you like to see changed, added or new in the BDSL?

DELCO: Tough to say as of now because when I was with RVS I wasn't involved much. I just showed up to games and peeked at the twitter every now and then. Now that I manage I'm sure I'll have some better input about what could be added or changed during this year. I guess the only thing I can comment on so far would be the field situation. I was able to get one in the end, but I was scared for a while that I may have had to pay upwards of $100 per game. I'm sure you guys don't have much control over that but I think that may have scared a lot of my guys away. We were very fortunate.


BDSL: Lastly anything you'd like to add that we didn't talk about whether it's about your team, the BDSL, or good of soccer?

DELCO: No, nothing in particular. I'd just like to say thank you on behalf of Delco Academy for choosing us for your interview. I know all my guys are itching for the season to start. I'm going to be honest, this whole managing thing has been a riot so far and the season hasn't even started. Very happy with our choice to commit to the league. Thanks again.