The BDSL 2023 Predictions

The Prez is ready to be mocked and ridiculed even though he has a high rate of success on these again.

The BDSL 2023 Predictions






Confidence Level of Predictions - 

9 out of 10.This are almost certainly how the division will go.


The Undisputed King: BSC Raiders

Without question the Raiders are the BDSL cream of the crop. This season looks like another one where I’m not sure how anyone can be serious about taking them out. They’ll probably drop a game due to attendance or whatever in the season and not finish first. But until they lose when it matters they are #1 regardless. It’s an embarrassment of riches on this roster. Good luck everyone else.


Claimants for the Crown: Amherst Sharpshooters, Buffalo United SS, Celtic United, Queenston FC

Don’t get me wrong, all of these teams are very good if not great teams. In fact, without the Raiders' dominance, all of these clubs would probably have their names on the Premier trophy at one time or another during these past years. But alas we live in the time of the greatest BDSL dynasty that existed. I feel for them all.


Dukes of Minor Principalities: Borussia Bees, AC Elite, Wolves FC

These three teams to me are just a cut below from being legit threats for a championship. But again As I’ve laid out, that is nothing to be ashamed of. On their day they could all take out any of the clubs mentioned above. Just on the week to week run I expect results to be more influx then the teams above them. Bees in particular could be a team to watch. As of this writing Elite has rostered 13 players so that has me worried. And Wolves, I think they are just happy to be here sorta team.


The Jester: Kilimanjaro Bandits

The Bandits are the last remaining club with split interests. So far in their run up the BDSL hierarchy this hasn’t affected them too much but this is a different ball game. I think they’ll probably feel the run of games to be too much at some point here. But still a good side that could post some results if others discount them


Last in Succession: Roos FC, Los Chupacabras

Both teams here enjoyed successful years in Champo last year but the move up to the top flight is a big step. Chupas are bringing back a mostly untouched squad which is interesting considering the success they had last year. I’m just not positive what results that approach will yield. Roos on the other hand merged with Cavalucci Marini. Can this squad gel quickly enough to earn points? Both face an uphill battle that is tough but not impossible to stay up.


  1. BSC Raiders

  2. Amherst Sharpshooters

  3. Buffalo United SS

  4. Celtic United

  5. Queenston FC

  6. Borussia Bees

  7. AC Elite

  8. Wolves FC

  9. Kilimanjaro Bandits

  10. Roos FC

  11. Los Chupacabras



3. Buffalo United SS over 6. Borussia Bees

4. Celtic United over 5. Queenston FC 



1. BSC Raiders over 4. Celtic United

3. Buffalo United SS over 2. Amherst Sharpshooters



1. BSC Raiders over 3. Buffalo United SS






Confidence Level of Predictions -

4 out of 10. I’m pretty sure but a fair amount of unknown in the middle of the table could cause some surprises. This is a close division.


Top Dawgs: Polonia Legacy, Crimson Fire FC, Olean 1854 FC

Polonia opens as the favorite. They really should have been a playoff team last year. I actually sorta like the fact that their Cup draw is tough. If they fall out they can really focus on the division and I think be the best team. Crimson essentially returns the entire team that was a class above everyone in D1 last year. Sorta tells you what i think about the talent gap between Champo and D1. As for Olean they are going for a youth movement here and of course have one of the best home field advantages. 


Old Dogs: West Side FC

The elder statesmen of the division are interesting. They added some quality Champo veterans and returned the core that saw them surprise a lot of people last year. In a slightly weaker Champo division that bodes well. Question here would be if they can score enough to close out games they should win.


Frisky Dingos: NMB FC, Buffalo Italia FC, Buffalo Stallions FC,

Could also be called the new BDSL middle class. These three teams remind me of the clubs that used to be Championship mainstays (your Rangers, Niagara FC, Roos FC etc…). This is a compliment too. All these teams are solid but have their flaws. NMB is the most likely to make a jump IMO. It will be fun to see who comes out on top after the split between Italia and Stallions.


Young Pups: Mes Que FC

The WNY Flash All-Stars basically. This team is full of young talents trying to get in good work for their high school and college prospects. ITs really the perfect place for them to do so especially with the quality leaders on this team to put them in the places to have as much success as possible. 


Begging for the Vet to put them down: Lykan United, Williamsville Willies

To be honest I’m not sure this is accurate for either club but based on their own claims online I’m putting them where they want to be. Could we see the first ever BDSL version of tanking? Maybe. 


  1. Polonia Legacy

  2. Crimson Fire FC

  3. Olean FC 1854

  4. West Side FC

  5. NMB FC

  6. Buffalo Italia FC

  7. Buffalo Stallions FC

  8. Mes Que FC

  9. Lykan United

  10. Williamsville Willies



3. Olean 1854 FC over 6. Buffalo Italia FC

4. West Side FC over 5. NMB FC



1. Polonia Legacy over 4. West Side FC

2. Crimson Fire FC over 3. Olean 1854 FC



2. Crimson Fire FC over 1. Polonia Legacy


1st Division:


Confidence of Predictions -

6 out of 10. I think this is FC Lackawanna and then everyone else. I’d be surprised if teams 2-5 don’t make the playoffs, but the battle for last playoff spot and relegation should be very close.


Star Studded Red Giants: FC Lackawanna

The loss of Lackawanna FCY is an immediate boost to this squad. While all the holdovers from that side that landed here probably won’t make all the games they’ll most likely be available when it matters most which puts this in prime position for a trophy.


Terrestrial Titans: Rance FC, Niagara FC

These teams are both pretty good and can push for promotion. Rance FC might face some more teams willing to knock them around but if they play to their potential and ignore getting sucked into physical games they’ll be good. Niagara FC could very well bounce right back in the championship with a slightly retooled roster loaded with higher level experience.


Asteroid Fields: FC Quake, Buffalo Celtic

Both these clubs are dangerous and volatile to the teams around them. FC Quake is the exact team I was just telling Rance to look out for. Their brand of football is tough for everyone to play against. Buffalo Celtic meanwhile has some of the best top end talent in the division. They have the most potential to be a legit threat if they can mesh well. 


Planets Circling About: Revolution SC, Honey Badgers, Delco Academy

These teams I don’t expect to be promotion threats but are just fine teams. I’m not sure Revs want to ascend much higher than this. Delco and Honey Badgers are similar teams to me. The former underachieved last year and while the latter overachieved. I think they both level out this year.


Trying not to get sucked into a Black Hole: Clarence Coyotes, Cheektowaga Stingrays FC, Outlaws

The black hole here of course is relegation. I could legitimately see maybe Clarence and Cheektowaga battle for a 6th seed if things go really right for them. Outlaws IMO is 7-8 at best. Any of the three I could envision finishing last


  1. FC Lackawanna

  2. Rance FC

  3. FC Quake

  4. Niagara FC

  5. Revolution SC

  6. Buffalo Celtic

  7. Honey Badgers

  8. Delco Academy

  9. Clarence Coyotes

  10. Cheektowaga Stingrays FC

  11. Outlaws



3. FC Quake over 6. Buffalo Celtic

5. Revolution SC over 4. Niagara FC



1. FC Lackawanna over 5. Revolution SC

3. FC Quake over 2. Rance FC



1. FC Lackawanna over 3. FC Quake


2nd Division:


Confidence of Predictions - 

7 of 10. I feel pretty certain about the split of playoff and non playoff teams here in this division. The final standing order may differ but I’d be surprised to see this be drastically different come seasons end.


Apex Predators: Devils, Queen City Gunners

I think the final champion will be one of these two clubs. Devils have so really high end talent for this division flanked by experienced players who know how to have success in the league. Gunners is the better parts of last years Cosmos group that secured the treble last year. I don’t think the step up in division should be that troubling


Carnivores: United Warriors, Celtic 1888, Southern Tier FC, West Side Blitz

4 solid teams that aren’t too far behind the leaders. I sorta hope the playoffs fall the way I predict here because the first round match ups of Warriors v Blitz and 1888 v STFC are juicy. These clubs know each other well and would make for a very entertaining round 1. 


Omnivores: Hamburg Monarchs FC, Lasalle FC, Great White Buffalo

These teams in my mind are up and down. They could steal three off any of the teams I ranked higher but could easily drop a stinker vs the teams ranked below. Lasalle are gonig through a third managerial change in as many years, Great White Buffalo remain of the best looking and happy go lucky teams in the league and Hamburg…well I don’t really have a great handle on this team. But hey they survived over the other Hamburg side.


Prey: Buffalo Cosmos, Celtic Brigade

Cosmos drew the short straw when it came to the team split though they did just add a few NY Elite castoffs here that could help. Celtic Brigades roster is a really interesting mix of players but they are running light on the numbers side which I am never a fan of. Most are inexperienced here as well. Could be tough gos for both clubs.


  1. Devils

  2. Queen City Gunners

  3. United Warriors

  4. Celtic 1888

  5. Southern Tier FC

  6. West Side Blitz

  7. Hamburg Monarchs FC

  8. Lasalle FC

  9. Great White Buffalo

  10. Buffalo Cosmos

  11. Celtic Brigade



3. United Warriors over 6. West Side Blitz

4. Celtic 1888 over 5. Southern Tier FC



4. Celtic 1888 over 1. Devils

2. Queen City Gunners over 3. United Warriors



2. Queen City Gunners over 4. Celtic 1888


3rd Division:


Confidence of Predictions - 

3 out of 10. This is a tough one. I think there are some clubs here that should fall when I have them but most here can fluctuate. D3 was highly competitive across the board last year and I expect it to be the same this year. Should make for a fun season.


That Really Big Huge Expensive Bottle of Champagne: Medina Mustangs FC

Believe Medina is on a tier of there own here. They are a solid roster with a group here that is very familiar with each other. This is always an important part of a short season and should put them in a prime position to win a trophy.


Really Good Glass of Red Wine: Lake Shore FC, Buffalo Brighten Stars, Meerkats FC

Lake Shore sorta burned me last year after I touted them as a top club but I’m unafraid of being made to look silly twice. They added some pieces too that I think can help them improve. Half of Meerkats roster has certainly aged like a fine wine. They should be good. And Buffalo Brighten Stars have a good line up on the field and honestly maybe the best jerseys I’ve seen in the BDSL this season ever.


Cocktails: Ukraine, Buffalo Night, JL Dutch

Like a great cocktail the ingredients and portions are important. Buffalo Night and Ukraine have a lot of new things in the mix here but I believe if done right they’ll have a good blend on their hands. JL Dutch is an Old Fashioned. Steady and reliable option. 


Domestic Beer: WNY United Reds

This team at this point is fairly straight foward. They are traditionally mid to low table. Never a top team threat but never fully in danger either. They lost some talent but have replaced with some good new players. This is expected.


Craft Options: Munster FC, LA United, Moby Ducks FC

I feel like out of these three teams one is bound to surprise me and be great. One is bound to be pretty basic and average. And one is the kind you really wish you didnt spend $9 on to be severely disappointed.


  1. Medina Mustangs FC

  2. Lake Shore FC

  3. Buffalo Brighten Stars

  4. Meerkats FC

  5. Ukraine

  6. Buffalo Night

  7. JL Dutch

  8. WNY United Reds

  9. Munster FC

  10. LA United

  11. Moby Ducks FC



3. Buffalo Brighten Stars over 6. Buffalo Night

4. Meerkats FC over 5. Ukraine



1. Medina Mustangs FC over 4. Meerkats FC

3. Buffalo Brighten Stars over 2. Lake Shore FC



1. Medina Mustangs FC over 3. Buffalo Brighten Stars


4th Division:


Confidence of Predictions -

2 out of 10. The top and bottom ends of the table feel like locks. The middle is going to be wild and anyones guess. I believe playoffs for nearly all teams in the division where in the air last year up til final week and I don’t expect much to change. I think the talent here in the bottom division has grown greatly.


Lazio United circa 2022: Celtic Classic, Infinity FC

The two favorites of the division should only slip up once or twice during the year in league play. Playoffs though neither should sleep on any of their opponents because the gap really is very narrow between these two and the teams below.


Cheektowaga White Eagles circa 2019: Bangarang FC, Fargo FC, North Collins United, Queen City AFC, Tonawanda United, Big Green SC, Rust Belt Unite, nWo FC

Crazy right? All these teams are comparable to each other. In 2019 Cheektowaga went 5-5-1 and then won the whole thing in the playoffs. I think that could any of these clubs here. That's how close I think all these teams are. D4 might be my favorite division to pay attention to this season.


Rust Belt United circa 2012-2021: South Buffalo FC

I want to believe that South Buffalo will be improved vs last year's squad and I don’t want to just place them last so I won’t! But they have a long way to go to prove that correct. This is basically me when I consider RBU every year.


Erie County FC circa 2017: Allen FC

I think in this entire roster only 1-2 players have ever played BDSL before. I just hope I’m wrong for everyone's sake (including me).


  1. Celtic Classic

  2. Infinity FC

  3. Bangarang FC

  4. Fargo FC

  5. North Collins United

  6. Queen City AFC

  7. Tonawanda United

  8. Rust Belt United

  9. Big Green SC

  10. nWo FC

  11. South Buffalo FC

  12. Allen FC



3. Bangarang FC over 6. Queen City AFC

4. Fargo FC over 5. North Collins United



 4. Fargo FC over 1. Celtic Classic

2. Infinity FC over 3. Bangarang FC



4. Fargo FC over 2. Infinity FC




Confidence of Predictions -

8 out of 10. Look I’m just thrilled that the O-35 guys here let me play a little mad scientist here with their format and playoffs. I really think it will be exciting and fair for them. That said there is a reason its divided as such and that because unless I’m mistaken these predictions are pretty simple


Gods: Enigma FC, Blue Stars FC, SoHoFC

Unquestionably the top three teams. The only time I can see them dropping points is in games vs each other. It will be some combo of these two teams in the final.


Demi-Gods: West United FC, Oranje

The next best thing really. Both these teams are really good but just not on the level of those about them. West I especially expect to bounce back after a middling year last year. Oranje should be about the same as last year.


Those people in movies questing for something to turn them into Gods: Tidal FC, Azzurri, Thunderkats FC

Three teams that will be fighting with the two above them for the last one or two playoff spots. I’d give Tidal a slight edge but it's razor thin. 


Puny Mortals: GOATS FC, C.S. Italia, OLDevils FC

Its not fair to expect mere men to do battle with supernatural beings. They should be fighting each other. At least this format will allow them max opportunity to do just that.


Tier A

  1. Enigma FC

  2. Blue Stars FC

  3. SoHo FC

  4. Oranje

Tier B

  1. West United FC

  2. Tidal FC

  3. Azzurri

  4. ThunderKats FC

Tier C

  2. C.S. Italia
  3. OLDevils FC



Blue Stars FC over Tidal FC

SoHo FC over Oranje



Blue Stars FC over West United FC

Enigma FC over SoHo FC



Enigma FC over Blue Stars FC